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Basadi In Music Awards: Nominate Your Favourite Reggae Queen.

16 MAY 2024

The Basadi In Music Awards 2024 nominations are now open, providing an exciting opportunity for fans to support their favorite female artists in the music industry. With nominations closing on the 19th of May at midnight, time is ticking to ensure your voice is heard in celebrating the talent of these remarkable women.

To nominate your favorite queen for the Basadi In Music Awards, simply send the word "reggae" followed by the name of your chosen artist to 49960 via SMS. Please note that each SMS nomination costs R2, and free SMSes do not apply.

Basadi In Music Awards 2024

Whether you're a fan of reggae's soothing rhythms or you admire the fierce energy of hip-hop, this is your chance to shine a spotlight on the women who inspire and entertain us through their music. Every nomination counts in recognizing the dedication and artistry of these talented musicians.

So don't miss out on the opportunity to support the queens of music by casting your nomination for the Basadi In Music Awards 2024. 

Join us in celebrating their achievements and shaping the future of the music industry!

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