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Lincoln X - The Man (Kwame Nkrumah) Dantaban Album 2021

Osman Abraham Lincoln (Kwaku Amanahu), alias Lincoln X, is the epitome of poetry (both written and spoken), Classic Music, Literature, Culture, Play, History, Oratory, Philosophy, and Science.

The Man (Kwame Nkrumah) is taken from his Album "Dantaban - The Circle within Circles" released in 2021. The Poem is a dedication to the 1st President of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The Man (Kwame Nkrumah)

Verse 1
The MAN of the Spheres, lives in mystery
His shadow is here, stirring the waters in victory
The spear that penetrates every territory
The lions fell into a spell by His oratory
The feet adorned with destiny and fate of poetry
The brain that stirs the minds as monk in monastery
On the mission for history—
His Throne was buried in the strangers’ cemetery
The people’s ears are deaf and dumb in misery
They could not hear the mellifluous voice from Conakry
Ages appears and disappears in circles of geometry
The same hands hails Him the MAN beyond century.

Verse 2

The cockroaches fears the mere crumbs of His illumination
Which outshines on their filthy faces with imagination
This is the night-seer, in frozen ice;
Counted all the countless stars in the skies
What hand can bloat the MAN from the golden scroll?
Even His breeze makes Clio to roll
Blockheads are scared by the scarecrow
Neophytes can write their diatribes on the snow
But the dry land cannot stop the baobab tree to grow
Deities worshipping at the feet of the hero
He made the clouds wept and all the gods became tyro.

Verse 3

His manhood gave birth to the reincarnated Ancient Kingdom
That made the other Man prophesied in the tomb:
“The Birth of a New Nation,” thus spoken the wisdom
The age of the times crumbles the bomb
The hour reveal the coming event from the womb
These are nights to keep vigil as owl at watch
But not to sleep on the couch
The visionaries living now, fan the torch
The blazing torch He left for us to watch
They could not hear the mellifluous voice from Conakry.

  ©2021 Osman Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln X)

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