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Reggae Enlightenment Workshop - Reggae bring back the fire!

 In collaboration of two institutes Trinity House and Herburn Edutainment, both being on the Reggae move for a fair amount of time, in conversations and meetings they noted that they share enough etiquette and both having ample space to grow, they believe they should start from the basics. 

The workshop aimed at Reggae revival is conceptualized as an initiative to convey necessary information to Reggae artists, through presentations from relevant stake holders who has direct/first-hand information. Particularly aiming to start in Gauteng mainly because the base of Reggae has been established by many, with only certain production mishaps.

The objectives and aims of the Reggae workshop series is to give crucial information and leverage platform for Reggae Artists, Promoters and Production houses to engage on a conduct to gain relevant info. Administration, artist management, basic music production, marketing and copyright, royalties and finance event planning. Presentations will be done by prominent Reggae stables.       

State Agencies  

  • Samro
  • Risa
  • Nac

 Production Houses   

  • Lioness Production
  • People of the South
  • Negus Entertainment
  • Lioness production
  • Herburn Edutainment
  • Frontline Production
  • Phumi Maduna productions
  • Roots place
  • Matlombe
  • Maximum Stylez Records and Publishing
  • Trinity House


  • Soweto TV
  • QueenSoulVibes_SA
  • My No1. Photography

 Reggae practitioners and veterans 

  • Adv Sipho Mantula
  • Jah Crucial
  • SAMA winners

Given the opportunity to workshop and give those who need such info to consume and make use for growth and progress; Invitation is extended to Reggae artists, promoters, and Production houses to attend in support of raising the bar back high for Reggae music.  

The series of this one-day workshop will take place @ Trinity House, Katlehong on the 19 February 2022 from 12:00 – 17:00, this initiative is a non-profitable take-on, with a long-term goal of progress and prosperity. 

The Workshop is open to the public.

For more info: General Maduna - 079 331 9607/ Empress Habacook - 083 752 4762