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Reggae Star Man Wazimu Is Set To Make His Debut Soon In A Film.

Kenyan reggae musician 'Peter Wagany' known commonly as Man Wazimu is set to make his television debut soon in a film titled 'Gaps & Lapses' shot by 'Edge Productions'. The movie is about illegal organ harvesting that is perpetuated by a criminal gang taking advantage of the prevalent poverty in the slums of Kenya.

 Man Wazimu is starring in the movie as the 'Boss', the cruel leader of the gang who preys on the ghetto dwellers by incorporating them into the crime syndicate while preying on their relatives, even the gang members themselves. 

The movie was shot in the 'Paradise' slum which is behind Donholm railway station.
The reality of children alongside adults disappearing and being discovered dead with missing body organs is an occurrence that has never been resolved. This is a supposed story that is acted in the movie.

 The trailer which is now public is a preview depicting a thriller that will be a rewarding experience for the viewer who will treasure the moments. The trailer link is here below.