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Tilibop speaks from the soul in his impressive new album
'I Am Reggae'

18 January 2023

Tilibop pays homage to his roots, his people and his spirit with his brand-new album 'I Am Reggae'. Created during a time where the world was falling apart with social, economic and health issues, Tilibop channeled his frustrations into this vibrant 10 track project. It's clear that this is an exciting new album from just a glance at the stream count of opening tracks 'All That' and 'Psalm'. Both of these tracks are true highlights, introducing Tilibop's bright and airy voice and revealing top notch instrumentation and production. 

'Psalm' is a track about injustice and poverty amongst Jamaica and the Black community as a whole. Various tracks throughout this album touch on ongoing societal issues, sure to leave people with the question he asks in track 3 "what's going on?". Then we come to, 'Pirate', all about appropriation, featuring its own music video with an invigorating story atop of a boat in Jamaica. Tilibop also uses this project to speak his own truth in several interludes and interviews, accentuating themes in tracks about the struggle to success, unearthing the marijuana stigma and the true soul of Reggae- unification. It's clear that Tilibop has put his own soul into this project, with skillful lyricism and captivating musical performances all over this album.

" 'I am Reggae‘ comes from the fact that I am Jamaican, I am of the people, from the people. I eat, drink, sleep, and breathe Reggae music. When I say I am Reggae, I have all the greats like Bob, Dennis, Peter, all of the greats in mind. When I say it, it’s not a gimmick.”. 

Fresh, authentic and inspiring, 'I Am Reggae' is a must listen for any fans of the genre.

Coming from humble beginnings, emerging artist Tilibop holds a powerful mantra close: "do not go where the path leads, go where there is no path and blaze a trail". His childhood amongst the turmoil in the streets of Jamaica's August Town saw him take refuge in the world of music. It became an escape from daily struggle but would take on an even bigger part of his life one fateful day. While singing to a friend, a stranger overheard his melodic voice and invited him to a recording session. Soon enough, Tilibop went home and wrote his first song that night. He has never looked back in those twelve years. It is that same introspective quality and work ethic that makes Tilibop the consummate vocalist he is today.

It is only a matter of time before he captures the attention of music lovers around the world! “Teaching is love, intelligence breathes opportunity and prosperity". Catch Tilibop as he breathes his
own wisdom into track after track of classic Reggae magic.

Influences Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Garnett Silk 

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Video: "Pirate" A story told by Tilibop as he expresses his disappointment in how they are trying to replicate and water down reggae music.