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Unity Is A Must Rasta Picnic: Fostering Growth and Community in the Vaal Triangle.

13 June 2024

The Vaal Area will witness an  extraordinary gathering on June 16th, as the Unity Is A Must Rasta Picnic takes center stage. This event, initiated by local Rastas, aims to promote the growth of the Rastafari Movement, which has often seen its significant sessions held in Soweto or East Rand.

Recognizing the need for a more inclusive and localized celebration, the Vaal Rasta Community has come together to create an event that promises to be both meaningful and memorable.

A Grassroots Effort
The planning of the Unity Is A Must Rasta Picnic has been a true community effort, coordinated through a dedicated WhatsApp group comprising 31 passionate members. Unlike previous sessions held in private yards, this year's event will take place in a public park, inviting Rastas from surrounding areas to join in the celebration. The choice of location reflects a desire to create a more inclusive and accessible event, ensuring that the spirit of unity and togetherness is at the forefront.

An Annual Tradition
Set to become an annual tradition, the Unity Is A Must Rasta Picnic will be held every year on June 16th. Future events are already being planned to cater to children, addressing the need for family-friendly activities that have often been overlooked in past gatherings. This initiative not only aims to strengthen the bonds within the Rasta community but also to foster a sense of belonging among the younger generation.

Showcasing Local Talent
A significant highlight of the picnic will be the platform it provides for Vaal selectors and artists. Many of these talented individuals do not usually get the chance to showcase their skills at major events. The picnic, powered by the renowned Papstyl Sound System, will offer them an opportunity to shine and potentially open doors to larger stages. This exposure is crucial for nurturing local talent and celebrating the vibrant cultural contributions of the Vaal Rasta Community.

Building Connections and Giving Back
Beyond entertainment, the Unity Is A Must Rasta Picnic serves as a networking opportunity for the Vaal Rasta Community. It allows members to connect, share ideas, and build stronger relationships. In the spirit of giving back, the organizers are already planning future events, including a dance session where contributions will be made for the poor in terms of clothing and toiletries. This initiative underscores the Rasta commitment to community support and upliftment.

"Most people love to see Rastas meeting and working together, and this event will change the stigma about Rastafari. People shouldn't only see Rastas at a dance but also being helpful within the community," says one of the organizers.

The Unity Is A Must Rasta Picnic aims to break down stereotypes and showcase the positive impact of the Rastafari Movement within the community.

As the Vaal Area prepares for this landmark event, the Unity Is A Must Rasta Picnic stands as a testament to the power of unity, cultural celebration, and community support. It promises to be a day filled with music, fellowship, and a shared commitment to growth and positive change.