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Yasus Afari - Golden Spoon Maroon - Harmonizing Roots Reggae, Poetree and Dub

Press Release

29 Dec 2022

Yasus Afari - The People's Poetis an Artiste, Author, Philosopher, Lecturer and Social Advocate. He uses his Music and Poetry as a cultural diplomat to empower, inspire and uplift as well as advocate for Social Justice, Social harmony and Social Responsibility in the quest for African Liberation and Redemption, while promoting global harmony and celebrating his noble mantra of One Earth, One Love, One Humanity.

The Golden Spoon Maroon album is Yasus Afari's 9th Studio Album. It harmonizes and showcases an intuitively eclectic blend of Roots Reggae, Poetree and Dub, which is strategically designed to Position Poetry as an instrument to Reset, Re-align and Recalibrate the mindset, within the music and culture of Jamaica.

Golden Spoon Maroon was released on November 25th and is being distributed by the New York based, VP Records/ VPAL Music and feature the iconic Beres Hammond and Ini Kamoze as well as the Ghanian based Tonahope and Yasus Afari' ten-year-old daughter Mik. These guest features are unprecedented and creatively crafted for intergenerational synergies and genre cross-pollination, while clearly demonstrating that Every Song is a Poem, set to music.

It Takes a Village- This fact is evident in the Come-unity effort and global scope, which is in evidence on the eclectic Golden Spoon Maroon album as it benefits from the very best writers, musicians, engineers, studios and other music industry players assembled by the SenYAcum Edutainment Team.

The Rise of Poetry Golden Spoon Maroon is timely, given the demise of Dancehall, Jamaica's abandonment of Ska and Dub, plus the international hijack of Reggae, the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica's drastic measures, coupled with Jamaica Google's 2022 Birthday Feature on Miss Lou, Grammy 2023 inclusion of Spoken Word/Poetry, Spotify Pronouncement of Poetry as the New Frontier, Live Nation's stated intention to Live Stream Poetry, Amanda Gorman's international success and the evident ascendancy of Global Poetry. Against this background, Yasus Afari positions the Golden Spoon Maroon Album Project to Calibrate, Reset and Renew.


1. Golden Spoon Maroon – Yasus Afari

2. Maroon Dub - Tracks 1 & 2 Written & Performed by Yasus Afari. Prod. & Exec. Prod. By Top Road Music. Musicians: Jacko, Jahvan Lothian, Ramone Robinson. Harmonies Marcia “Bedrock Brham, Zion Ites & Yasus Afari

3. Plain and Simple – Yasus Afari featuring Mik /(Mikaya Sinclair)

4. No Violation Dub - Tracks 3 & 4 Written & Performed by Yasus Afari & Mik. Executive Producer & Producer Yasus Afari for SenYAcum. Musicians: Oswald “IG” Gordon, Fabian Smith

5. What a Sinting – Yasus Afari featuring Ini Kamoze

6. Dub Sinting - Tracks 5 & 6 Written & Performed by Yasus Afari with guest appearance by Ini Kamoze. Musicians: Aubrey “Prince” Manning, Daniel “Danny Axeman” Thompson, Courtland “Gizmo” White. Executive Producers & Producers: Ini Kamoze & Yasus Afari

7. Rise and Shine– Yasus Afari featuring Tonahope

8. Rise in Dub - Tracks 7 & 8 Written & Performed by Tonahope & Yasus Afari. Musicians: Carl Blackmon, Kris Kemist. Harmonies Indra Rudder, I Kong, Skunga & Yasus Afari. Producer Carl Blackmon (Uplift Records). Executive Prod. Tonahope Smythe

9. Mama Africa We Love You – Yasus Afari featuring Beres Hammond

10. African Dub - Tracks 9 & 10 Written & Performed by Beres Hammond & Yasus Afari. Musicians: Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare/Sly & Robbie, Herbie Harris, Lloyd “Guitsy Willis. Exec. Prod. & Proc. R. Sinclair / Tipsy Records & Yasus Afari / SenYAcum (Post-Production) C. Dodd & R. Sinclair.

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