Rise up and break the chains of oppression with "Need Not Apply" by MediSun, Yeza, and Blakkamoore [February 2024]

Title: Need Not Apply

Artist(s): MediSun, Yeza & Blakkamoore 

Produced By: Toho Saunders

Label: Vibe Arc

Genre: Roots Reggae

Release Date: February 9th, 2024

In a world where self-empowerment takes center stage, the roots Reggae trio, composed of MediSun, Yeza, and Blakkamoore, release their latest musical masterpiece, "Need Not Apply." This empowering anthem brings impactful lyrics with an infectious riddim, resonating with the spirit of independence and strength.

The song, born out of Rastafari traditions, transcends musical boundaries to deliver a powerful message of self-reliance. "Need Not Apply" invites listeners on an irie ride through its blend of reggae's chill vibes, soulful vocals, and a dash of hip-hop/rap influences. The result is a musical journey that captivates the senses and uplifts spirits.

Renowned California-based reggae bass player Toho Saunders, the producer of this remarkable track, infuses his expertise to create a sonic experience like no other. "Need Not Apply" is a testament to the trio's commitment to delivering music that comes directly from the heart.

In the words of Medisun, "Dem seh picky, picky head bwoy need not apply," and the trio echoes this sentiment with a resounding call to action: Blakkamoore proclaims "Man ah program self reliance, go get it for sure, in a system where the rich get richer and them left the poor. Use my talent and my skill, man ah real entrepreneur" These powerful words encapsulate the essence of the song and the broader theme of breaking free from the constraints of the everyday rat race.

Last but not least Yeza contributes; "Me head well natty up and plait up, box them with my braids like Pacquiao, if a twist up or a wrap up better recognize the status." This line embodies the element that I believe the song brings from the standpoint of my own personal experience. As a woman of African ancestry, my crown is a unique symbol of my physical design, whether it’s traditional braids, a head wrap, twists or Afro. No other race of people have coils as tightly spiraled as mine, and it’s an honor. I’ll defend and protect it with my heart and soul. When we know our value, we automatically have a strong conviction to protect it at all costs. It was an honor and absolute pleasure working with two kings of like mind and talent. The lyricism is impeccable, dropping gems and bombs. Food for the mind. We are the history personified.

"Need Not Apply" is a perfect addition to playlists that want to uplift and inspire. Its combination of empowering lyrics, modern roots Reggae, and inspiring lyrics will resonate with audiences that want a musical escape with substance.

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