Greater Heights Riddim - Various Artists [Concrete Jungle Studios and Publishing x Chincha Music Inc.] November 2023

Title: Greater Heights Riddim

Artists: VA

Produced By: Chincha Music Inc.

Mixed & Mastered By: Botanist Mr. Lamington for Concrete Jungle Studios and Publishing

Genre: Reggae Dancehall

Released: 24 November 2023

1. Botanist Mr Lamington - Movie

2. Strenzo X Stallion Blazer – Summer Time

3. ChunChu Mataron - Stand Firm

4. Dimahr - Glow

5. GB Timeless Mr Another - Greater Heights

6. Molyf Anks - Bang My Doors

7. Naf Ital -  Kgaitsedi

8. Musical Dynasty - She Make Me Cry

9. Ites Man -  Let Them Curse

10. Fyah Prince -  Good Life

11. Jahzo -  Forever Mine

Experience the ultimate musical journey with the Greater Heights Riddim album featuring Various Artists. Produced by Concrete Jungle Studios and Publishing in collaboration with Chincha Music Inc., this captivating collection of tracks is set to release in November 2023.